A Marketplace of Hawaii Emojis and Stickers

The Alohamoji Marketplace is a mobile keyboard application offering various sets of Hawaii-themed emojis and stickers in a marketplace-like environment.

Interested in having your emojis and stickers in our Marketplace? Contact us at info@alohamojimarketplace.com for more info.

Become a Vendor in the Alohamoji Marketplace

We are always looking for new partners and Hawaii-themed emoji/sticker sets for our Marketplace. Please send an email inquiry to info@alohamojimarketplace.com.

To visit the Marketplace, you need to open the app and either click the menu icon in the top left and “Visit the Marketplace” or click the “+” in the bottom right corner. This will take you to the Marketplace where you can browse, preview and purchase different sets.

Sticker shop

We are constantly adding new sets to our Marketplace! Keep checking back or subscribe to our email list below to be notified. If you are interested in having a set in our Marketplace, please contact info@alohamojimarketplace.com.

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Say What?

The Alohamoji characters are speaking “Pidgin”, which is Hawaii’s other native tongue used primarily by locals. For definitions, please visit the Pidgin Dictionary.

All Buss

All Wasted



Chee hoo!







What's Up!


Thank You

No Can

No Can Do

Pau Hana!

Finished Work!


Roger That!

So-rry Ah!

Excuse You!

Thanks Ah!


Time Fo' Grind!

Time For Food!

We Go!

We Going!

Wea You Stay?

Where Are You?



Show Your School Pride!

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